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Free toys, games, coloring books, puzzles...etc for boys and girls of all ages. Get your free stuff from this report. All kind of useful information for boys and girls.

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Coloring Books, Posters, Photographs: An assortment of coloring books, litter bags, song sheets, photographs, toys, posters, and bike stickers are available by writing to: Woodsy Owl, Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, Room 3248, south Building, P.O.. Box 2417, Washington, D.C. 20013- Or call 202-447-7013.

Become a Pen Pal: Here is a freebie for all of those pen pals out there, or those who would like to become pen pens. To find a student to write to in any state or country, send a business size S.A.S.E. to the Student Letter Exchange Bureau, 215 Fifth Ave. S.E., Waseca, MN 56093. And ask for: Student Letter Exchange Information.

Kite Flying: Here’s a free booklet with every style of kite for your pleasure. Send a postcard to Into the Wind Co., 1408 Pearl St., Boulder, CO 80302-5307. Ask for:Into the Wind Catalog.

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Study Abroad: If you would like to become a Foreign Exchange student and study abroad in a foreign school. Write to ASSE International Student Exchange Program, 228 N. Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. Or, write to AFS Intercultural Programs, 313 E. 43rd St., New York, NY 10017.

Free Iron-Ons: Get a great set of 10 animal iron-ons that can be put on a t-shirt, hat, jacket, or anything. Send $.75 for postage and handling to Dog’s World, 498 New Rochelle Road, Bronxville, N.Y. 10708. Ask for: Animal Iron-Ons.

Put on Your own Puppet Show: You can learn how to have your own puppet show and have lots of fun. By writing to the address below, you can have your very own mitten hand puppets, both in different designs. Simply send $1.00 for postage and handling to Mr. Rainbows, P.O. Box 27056, Philadelphia, PA 19118. Ask for:Mitten Hand Puppets.

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Greeting Cards from the President: How about surprising someone special with a greeting card from the President of the United States? Anyone who is at least 80 years old or has been married for 50 years or more can get a free greeting card from the White House. At least a one month advance notice is required. Send a postcard to The President c/o Greeting Office, The White House, Washington, D.C. 20500.

Gold Necklace: Girls, you can have your very own 18-inch necklace made of 14-karat enhanced gold. It looks and feels like pure gold, but it’s not. You can sell the jewelry and earn money or great prizes. Send $2.00 for postage and handing to A.T.H. Co., P.O. box 70-FT, Stroudsburg, PA 18360.

Free Rainbow Glasses, that burst with color when sunlight, or any light, hits them. The secret is the laser-created holograms that cause a 3-D effect. Just send $1.00 for postage and handling to Mr. Rainbows, P.O. Box 27056-RB, Philadelphia, PA 19118. Ask for rainbow Glasses.

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Kids Games, Toys, Puzzles, & Crafts: Have fun with kids with over 40 fun things to do. Just send a business size SA.S.E. to Kid’s Fun Pak, The children’s Museum, 533 16th Street, Bettendorf, IA 52722. Ask For: Kid’s Fun Pak.

Free Information Booklets from NASA: These free booklets include: Space Shuttle Facts: What About U.F.O.’s?; America’s Spaceport; Exploring Inner Planets; All About The Moon; and Space Launch Vehicles. Send a postcard to Public Affairs Office, John F. Kennedy Space Center, NASA Cape Canaveral, FL 32899. Ask for any of the booklets from the above list.

Coppertone Suntan Lotion: Coppertone Suntan Lotion offers a free sample of their famous Coppertone Suntan Lotion “4”. Simply send $0.50 for postage and handling to: Coppertone Sample Offer, P.O. Box 377, Memphis, TN 38151. Be sure and ask for: Free Sample of Coppertone Suntan Lotion #4.

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The Declaration of Independence: This document can be yours free! Just sent $1.00 for postage and handling to Historical Documents Co., 8 N. Preston St., Philadelphia, PA 19104. Ask for: The Declaration Of Independence & Bill of Rights Set.

Bicycle Safety: “Cycling Safety Rules” can be very important to you if you have a youngster who rides a bike. It’s free when you send a postcard to Employers Insurance of Wausau, Safety and Health Services Department, WI 54401. Ask for: Cycling Safety Rules.

Washington Redskins Fan-Mail Package: Football Fans! “The Washington Redskins” are giving away a free fan mail package including a team decal and photos of your favorite team stars. Send a postcard to Washington Redskins Public Relations Department, 13832 Redskin Drive, Hemdon, VA 22070. Ask for: Fan Mail Package.

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Scale Model Railroading: Free! Everything you need to know is in this booklet. Send $0.25 for postage and handling to Model Railroader Magazine, 1027 North 7th St., Milwaukee, WI 53233. Ask for: Introduction to Scale Model Railroading.

Easy Ways to Earn Money: This free booklet provides lots of fundraising ideas for your school or church, or any group. Send a postcard to Revere Company, Fund Raising Department, Scranton, PA 18504-1491. Ask for: Fund Raising Ideas.

Learn about the Weather: This free booklet explains all about the weather and how it affects our lives. Send a business size S.A.S.E. to Air France Distributing Center, 2039 9th Avenue, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779. Ask for: “What’s the Weather” Pamphlet.

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Postage Stamp Collecting: Lean how to collect postage stamps free in addition to playing with toys! To get started in this fascinating hobby, send a postcard to Littleton/Mystic Stamp Company, 96 Main Street, Camden, NY 13316. Ask for: Beginners “How to Collect Stamps” booklet.

Exercise Booklet: Youngsters can benefit greatly from a regular exercise routine. Get a free pamphlet that presents a physical exercise program that is fun (like playing with toys) for kids to do. Send a business size S.A.S.E. to Jim Johnson, Hershey Youth Program, P.O. Box 814, Hershey, PA 17033-0814. Ask for: Team Up for Fitness.

Emergency & First-Aid Chart: Here’s a free chart that will help kids identify emergencies and learn some first-aid. It is full of detailed instructions on how to treat most common emergencies. Send a postcard to Council on Family Health, 420 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10017. Ask for: First Aid Wall Chart.

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Music Appreciation for Children: Enjoy a symphony and learn the fundamentals of symphonic music appreciation for kids free! Send a business size S.A.S.E. to How to Enjoy a Symphony c/o Hershey Chocolate USA, P.O. box 800, Hershey, PA 17033-0800.

Science Project Ideas: Here is a pamphlet of 150 ideas that your high school teacher can get free for you. It ha ideas for projects for all students from chemistry and biology to geology and math. Send a business size S.A.S.E. to Mr. Michael Farmer, teacher, P.O. Box 193, Tigerville, SC 29688. Ask for: Science Fair Project Ideas Folder.

Roller Skating: How about picking up a sport that is great fun and great exercise too? It’s Roller Skating and you can learn lots of safety tips, hints, stunts, and games by sending away for this free booklet. Send a postcard to Chicago Roller Skate Co., 4458 West Lake Street, Chicago, IL 60424. Ask for: How to Roller Skate and Fun & Games on Roller Skates.

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United States Flag: Send for this free, 32-page booklet that tells all about it by sending a postcard to U.S. Marine Corps, Department of Navy, Washington D.C. 20380. Ask for: How to Respect and Display our Flag Booklet.

Coin Collecting: Learn about coin collecting from a magazine with lots of articles and features aimed towards the beginner - Free. Just send $0.50 for postage and handling to Coins Magazine Sample Offer, Dept. CG, 700 E. State Street. Iola. WI 54990. Ask for: Sample Copy of Coins Magazine.

Free Coloring Book: This free 26-page coloring book takes you from your baby teeth all the way up to the proper brushing of your teeth. Just send $0.25 for postage to American Dental Association, 211 E. Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611. Ask for the ABC’s of Good Oral Health.

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Jesse James Poster: Get a genuine replica of the famous Jesse James poster. Send $1.00 for postage and handling to Historical Documents Co., 8 N. Preston St., Philadelphia, PA 19104. Ask for: Jesse James & Billy The Kid Reward Posters.

YO-YO Tricks: Get a free pamphlet on how to do YO-YO toys tricks. Send a business size S.A.S.E. to Duncan Toys Company, P.O. Box 165, Baraboo, WI 53913. Ask for: YO-YO Trick Pamphlet.

Hair Care and Styling Tips: Here is a guide for you young girls full of all kinds of shampooing and drying tips, and of course, setting and styling ideas. Send a postcard to Goody Products, P.O. Box 524, Kearn, NJ 07032. Ask for: Hair Styling Booklet. Coca-Cola Stickers: You can get a whole set of peel-off labels with the “Real Thing” trademark in foreign languages from all over the world by sending a postcard to Consumer Information Center, The Coca-Cola Co., P.O. Drawer 1734, Atlanta GA 30301. Ask for: Foreign Coca-Cola Stickers.

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Badges-Stickers: Badges stickers and other items of interest for children are available upon request from: Smokey Bear Headquarters, Washington, D.C. 20252--or call 202-235-8160.

Information on Boy Scouting: Free Information on joining the boy scouts available by writing to Boy Scouts of America, 1325 Walnut Hill Lane, Irving, TX 75062.

Girl Scout Information: Get free information of girl scouting by writing to Girl Scouts of the USA, 830 Third Ave., New York, NY 10022.

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